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Welcome to Silent Structures, a photo gallery dedicated to the vanishing structures of our towns and countryside.

There was once a time when our rural areas were dotted with mills and grain elevators. Almost every small town had a railway station and at least one small church. These buildings, once commonplace, are slowly disappearing; the victims of changing lifestyles and industrial patterns.

Urban areas have also seen their share of changes. Factories and warehouses have been demolished or renovated into living space. Small theatres and stores have been replaced by large, impersonal malls. Abandoned roadside buildings speak of changing transportation patterns and lost dreams. Gradually, these once familiar structures are starting to vanish.

Not all the buildings pictured in this site are abandoned or in ruins. Some continue to be used for their original purpose. Others have found new use but have been preserved or retain their original appearance. Many of the towns or settlements where they were located continue to thrive.

Only time will tell if the structures will continue to endure.

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